A LESSON IN -- Logic of light--CONTINUES!!

In class we are looking carefully at the effects of light & shadow on form. It helps greatly to know that light and shadow behave in a logical and consistent pattern. We are working to understand this pattern, the role of light & shadow shapes and how to model form.

After studying the effects of light on simple shapes (ie. styrafoam balls and pumpkins- remember that newsletter?) we are moving on to something a little more complicated-- bird's nests and open boxes. The drawing below shows the process of learning to first simplify the form (in this case we used a bowl) and record the effects of strong light using 5 values.

A selection of drawings-- last week

Last week's class focused students on observing the effects of a strong, direct light source on the rounded, textural form of a nest. 


After looking at the drawings from last week, I was curious-- what would happen if we used the same subject but focused on the box instead of the nest inside? Most of our class time was devoted to discussing simple perspective and learning to search for the direction and relationship of angles-- instead of how light affected the form. This produced better, more confident boxes but not necessarily a strong feeling of light. Learning how to draw is a process.

Below are 3 examples displaying the work of each student from one week to the next. Notice how the work changes considerably as the student is introduced to the new idea. A stronger feeling of depth is achieved with the introduction of simple principles of perspective in week two. I wonder what will happen next week as student's learn to utilize both concepts?