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DRAWING CLASSES -- Wednesdays & Saturdays 2016
Robin Earles Studio

Each class is an opportunity to learn more about your process, whether you are drawing for the first time or a continuing student. Discover how to improve your methods. Come and share your ideas, broaden your understanding of art, and look at the artwork of many different artists. For more info: CLICK HERE

A selection of drawings
final portfolio Drawing 1-- Rocky Mountain College

Here is your opportunity to look at a collection of drawings from my student's at Rocky. Below student's learn about constructing the human figure from a group of simple forms; cylinder, cube, cone and sphere. Drawing is a process of simplification and this exercise helps you understand the structure of the body and how to simplify its complexities. It can also aid in drawing something from a foreshortened point of view. 

In the drawings below student's observed the effects of light on the bust of a human head by recording the value shapes created.